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Bulk Storage Silos

Pneuveyor was sent a request for quote (RFQ) for a Portland cement unloading system.  The contract was for three bulk storage silos that could deliver material to the existing plant or load bulk trucks.
The system used 6” schedule 40 carbon steel pipe to convey the material to the destination silos. The system’s conveying rate is 100,000 pounds of cement an hour. Two of the silos are 103’-10” long by 24’-7” outer diameter (O.D) and the third silo is 103’ 10” by 26’ 9” O.D. The storage capacities for the silos are 1200 tons and 2000 tons respectively.
The new silos are filled by a pressure differential (PD) truck. Each silo is fitted with a bin vent dust filter.  A pressure system is used to convey the material to one of 4 locations in the existing plant. The operator also has the option to load a bulk truck and pup (double trailers) through the use of a loading spout located in silo 1 & 2.   The operator can also fill the main truck or the pup without moving by the use of air slides.