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Dry Yeast Conveying System

A request for quotation was received to provide a yeast conveying system in Alabama. The system consisted of a 25 HP pressure blower, glycol & steam after cooler and air dryer, 2 source bins and 3 destination silos.
The finished product from the yeast dryer is stored in a scale hopper directly from the dryer process. Once the hopper reaches its maximum capacity, the operator can select 1 or 3 destination silos. The yeast is conveyed to the destination silo and the weight that has been conveyed is logged to the plant system for inventory purposes.
Product can also be conveyed from a portable tote that connects to the conveying system via a rotary air lock. The tote is emptied to the selected destination silo and the weight conveyed is manually entered into the plant inventory system.
The controls for this project are Siemens S7-300 PLC, Siemens HMI & Siemens VFD. The system is fully integrated with the plant DCS controls. All automated control commands are from the DCS system (start, stop commands, source and destinations and rotary airlock speeds). Once the commands are received, the local PLC panel controls the entire conveying sequence. A number of manual controls are available for maintenance purposes. Fully functional alarming is also provided on the HMI and DCS system.